Ruijie (Jack) Liu

The Last Signal

Category: Building Virtual World
Platform: Kinect
Development Time: 1 month
Team Members:
          Producer/2D Artist - Brian Lee                 Level/UI Designer - Scott Chen
          Programmer - Ruijie Liu                         Sound Designer - Shibli Mansuri

A Kinect platform game that tells a story of the journey of a waveform. The player controls the amplitude and frequency of the waveform using both arms, and must guide it to a broadcast tower in order to send his signal to the entire world. This game was later polished and purchased by Microsoft as a prototype of a Kinect Fun Labs gadget.



Computer Graphics

Category: Graduate Academic Project
Platform: Linux
Development Time: 2 weeks for each project

These are the project I did in the Computer Graphics course in CMU, including mesh subdivision, toon shader, motion blur shader, ray tracing and a simple physics engine. Please click on the snapshots to enlarge the pictures.

Mesh Subdivision:


                           no subdivision                          3rd iteration of subdivision




                            toon shader                                  montion blur shader

Ray Tracing:


Physics Engine:



Jokers and Gestures

Category: Interactive Slot Machine Game
Platform: Kinect for Windows
Development Time: 3 months
Team Members: 
          Producer/Programmer - Karthik Krishnamurthy, Anmol Nagpal
          Programmer - Navjot Garg, Ruijie Liu
          Game Designer - Govind Nair, Neerav Mehta
          Artists -  Yind Lou, Ningyu Mao, Martin Mittner

Jokers and Gestures is a client- based project working with WMS Gaming. The goal of the project is to create a novel interactive and immersive experience for slot machine players at the casino. The team created custom hardware and software for a brand new slot machine experience. 



3D Stereoscopic Video Player

Category: Undergraduate Academic Project
Platform: NVIDIA 3D Vision active shutter glasses and display
Development Time: 3 months

During my junior year, I implemented a 3D video player that works with NVIDIA 3D Vision shutter glasses. Basically, this project is about passing the stereo image pair to the frame buffer in the correct format that the graphics driver can recognize. It is implemented through the VMR9 filter of DirectShow.



Graphics Card Hardmod

Category: Individual Project

I was keen on optimizing the performance of my PC in order to play graphics intensive games. To overclock the GPU to a higher frequency, I modified the feedback resistance of the core PWM circuit. In this way, the voltage of GPU was increased so that the GPU frequency can be overclocked from 540MHz to 750MHz. The result showed my Geforce 8600GT got about 40% higher benchmark in 3DMark06 compared with the referenced board.



Install Mac OS X on PC

Category: Individual Project

There was a time when I loved the UI of Mac very much but cannot afford one. Motivated, I read many tutorials on how to install Mac OS on a PC. There were many times when I failed, analyzed the problem, found the solution and tried again. During this process, I learned a lot about partitioning, boot loader, hardware drivers and the architecture of Mac OS. To my delight, my hackintosh can run without crash in the end.